Cox fires his agent over ties to Arturo Murillo

Óscar Augusto Villarroel Inturias, advisor to Deputy Interior Minister Nelson Cox, has been removed from office for serving as an attorney for the family of former Prime Minister Arturo Murillo. Opponents reiterated that there is coexistence between the government department and the former agency on trial in the United States.

Former Deputy Amílcar Barral condemned Villarroel Inturias, chief attorney to former government minister Murillo Prijic, an adviser to deputy interior minister Nelson Cox. is

“I respectfully ask you to approve and instruct the recruitment of staff for the Vice Ministry of Interior and Police, taking into account the following: Item 114, Occupation VI, Óscar Augusto Villarroel Inturias,” refers a letter from Cox to Minister Eduardo del Castillo.

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Senator Henry Montero (We Believe) pointed out that this is an example of the coexistence that exists between the current administration and the temporary leadership of Jeanine Áñez.

“A lot of dark things that existed in the MAS are being revealed, of course Mr. Nelson Cox should make it clear (…) there is a link,” he said.

Now Cox is being interviewed by assembly members of the Movement on Socialism (MAS) and other sectors associated with the blue party. They affirm, “How is it possible that an agency has allowed me to work with someone close to Murillo who has been persecuting the MAS.”

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Citizen Community (CC) deputy Alejandro Reyes said that Vice Home Secretary Nelson Cox should take a difficult step out of “complicity” and “help” former government minister Arturo Murillo.

“It is not enough just to remove the lawyer (Óscar Villarroel), there has been an accomplice, there has been a dialogue between the former minister Murillo, the lawyer and of course Nelson Cox,” he said.


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