Cox confirms that Áñez has access to health care and receives some “privileges”

Vice Interior Minister Nelson Cox said today that former President Jeanine Áñez’s health access is not restricted and that the mechanisms that have been activated for her family to accompany them at night can be considered “almost privilege”.

In an interview with A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro, Cox said that the information passed on to the family and the medical meeting on Friday guaranteed access to health.

“We ratify and there are two mechanisms that monitor, first that the relatives and lawyers have applied for an amparo to protect their right to health, but it was rejected because it was shown that their rights are protected,” said Steuermann .

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It also noted that the High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that “the right to health will be respected”.

“On Friday the doctors’ conference was held to compare the criteria of the doctors, the topic was prescribed that the peace of the family was achieved. I regret that the family has achieved this level of sensitivity, it is not the only one who has been deprived of freedom. If these were the criteria by which we would intervene, there would not have to be a person deprived of liberty, ”he affirmed.

He then pointed out that it is “beyond what the norm allows” to refer in good time to the permission given to relatives to accompany Áñez to prison.

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“It goes beyond what the norm allows, even if you assume that the relatives can accompany you, it is almost a privilege. Currently the criteria used are in the context of human rights, “he added.


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