Cox confirms he has been fired and has been notified by WhatsApp

Nelson Cox was removed from the post of Vice Minister of Home Affairs and Police days after controversy broke out at the State Department over the hiring of the lawyer for Arturo Murillo’s family.

“The minister has just informed me that I have been fired,” confirmed Cox, who said he had been informed of the decision via WhatsApp.

Cox said he had not been informed of the reasons for his release and assured him that he would not consult with her either.

The controversy arose after it became known that Cox had directed the appointment of lawyer Augusto Villarroel, who had previously defended Arturo Murillo’s family, which was criticized by opposition MPs and also by the ruling party.

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On the subject, Cox announced that he would tell the truth in due course. “I will tell the whole truth against everyone who has to take responsibility,” he said over the phone.

Cox had been Deputy Minister of the Interior since June of this year. Previously, he was a candidate for the office of Mayor of Cochabamba for the MAS and a delegate of the Ombudsman’s Office.


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