Cox attacks Reyes mansion:

“He is a corrupt man, he is a convicted corrupt man, he has multiple trials.” The Deputy Home Secretary Nelson Cox qualified the mayor of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, the day before a court in Sucre determines the legal position of the mayor regarding a conviction against him.

Cox’s testimony comes after Reyes Villa accused the Vice Minister of being behind a blockade in K’ara K’ara, telling him to “play fair” and know how to lose in the elections, both of which are ran for the mayor of Cochabamba.

Cox was of the opinion that Manfred “sacrifices”. The vice minister also refused to be accused of being interested in mobilizing people.

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At Thursday’s hearing, a Chuquisaca Constitutional Chamber will decide whether the Amparo brought against the Supreme Court Criminal Chamber by Reyes Villa is appropriate for an appeal against the mayor of El Sillar. existing judgment has rejected the case. .

The deputy minister warned that people from the Reyes Villa sector are to be mobilized for the hearing on Thursday after Sucre, for which he has already spoken to the police department commander to make arrangements, reported journalist Iván Ramos of the Erbol network.

Cox said the right to protest is respected, but violence does not comply. He announced that intentions to cause harm and cause disruption are not allowed.

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He also pointed out that there will be controls at the barricades to keep people from disturbing Sucre and avoid that risk.

Reyes Villa previously denounced that the conviction against him did not comply with due process rules issued in his absence and that it was part of a political persecution by the MAS. If the verdict is upheld, Manfred would be disqualified from service as an elected authority.

The case is also part of a petition Reyes Villa submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which has been approved.


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