Cox accuses Amparo Carvajal of reticulating the RJC.  to have instigated

Deputy Interior Minister Nelson Cox called the defense of the so-called Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC) by the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB) a “fraud” and accused him of reintegrating this group.

“It promotes the reticulation of a criminal group that has been fully identified and is undergoing criminal proceedings,” Cox said in an interview with ATB.

“What Ms. Carvajal has done is a clear incitement to commit a crime, it is a clear incitement to re-articulate violence,” emphasized the authority.

Last week Carvajal was in Cochabamba with Jeanine Añez’s daughter Carolina Ribera and met with representatives of the RJC, to whom he said: “Dear young people, for me you are a necessary resistance.”

According to Cox, “a human rights defender is essentially due to what the large population demands,” saying the activist is inconsistent with the human rights line of defense.

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“If I don’t want many and many human rights defenders to have an opinion, say something, but remain shamefully silent, and it seems to be what she stresses, even if she takes advantage of her condition as an older adult, it may be.” be left there as a line of defense for human rights, “complained the former MAS candidate for the mayor’s office of Cochabamba and representative of the ombudsman in this department.

The deputy minister said that Amparo Carvajal’s actions demonstrate what the “recalcitrant right” is doing under the argument of defending human rights. He noted that organizations like the IACHR, the UN and Human Rights “know” that “Cochala juvenile delinquency has been identified as a parapolice, paramilitary group that spawned crime” that should be punished.

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The RJC began its actions “in defense” of the city of Cochabamba during the political crisis in November 2019 in the face of sieges and attacks on private property by groups loyal to Evo Morales.

“Resistance” was organized in other departments, such as La Paz, and consisted mainly of young people who got organized to defend their neighborhoods in the face of inaction by the police, who did not come to curb the attacks and clashes between civilians, as in the United States Eve of Evo Morales’ resignation on November 10, 2019.


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