Covid-19 cases have increased 37% in the past week

The fourth wave of coronavirus continues to increase the number of Covid-19 cases in the country. In the last epidemiological week (49), coronavirus cases increased 37% compared to week 48, with the departments of Santa Cruz, Tarija and Oruro being the ones with the highest increases in infections.

According to official figures, at week 49 (December 6-12) there were 9,727 cases, 6,592 recoveries and 90 deaths. A total of 2,635 more new cases were reported than the previous week, a 37% increase from week 48 (from November 29 to December 5).

The data shows that Santa Cruz reported a 46% increase in cases, Beni 40%, Pando 24%, Cochabamba 14%, Tarija 47%, La Paz 24% and Oruro 46%; while Chuquisaca reported a -2% decrease in cases and Potosí -6%.

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The first-dose vaccination coverage reached 66.6% across the country, and those with a full schedule are 58%.

Health Minister Jeyson Auza reported that the death rate in the fourth wave is 0.8% compared to 6.2% in the first wave.

The minister called for biosafety measures to be taken to the limit and for vigilance not to be lowered.


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