Covid-19: arrival of six million doses announced through donations

Health officials announced that six million vaccines against Covid-19, donated by various countries and organizations, will arrive in the country over the next few days. These are doses from Sinopharm, Moderna and AstraZeneca intended for children and adults.

“Tomorrow (today) we will receive a million doses donated by the Argentine government, they are vaccines that were developed together with Mexico. We also receive 1,965,600 Moderna vaccines for which we have no date of arrival. And we have the donation from the Chinese government of 3 million doses of Sinopharm vaccines, which, as the President (Luis Arce) announced, will only be used for children between the ages of 5 and 12, “Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Benjamin Blanco.

The Chinese donation includes syringes and other hygiene items, Blanco said.

Moderna vaccines were administered through the Covax Mechanism by the PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and donated by the governments of Spain and France. These immunizers protect 94.1% against Covid-19 from 14 days after the first dose.

The vaccine batch complements the nearly 15 million vaccines the country has already received from five pharmaceutical companies: Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson, and Sputnik V.

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Blanco indicated that with these shipments, the country will receive 22.5 million doses by the end of the year, enough to cover 100 percent of the vaccinable population, which is the equivalent of 10.28 million people.

Deputy Minister for Epidemiological Surveillance, María Renee Castro, claimed that a number of vaccines were already in place in the country and urged the population to get vaccinated.

“Vaccines are here to save our children’s lives.”

He stated that by Saturday evening 90,345 boys and girls between the ages of five and eleven had been vaccinated against the virus.

As described in detail, 34,438 of these correspond to Santa Cruz; 3,886 to Tarija; 3,730 to Potosí; 1,494 to Pando; 4.026 to Oruro; 14,917 to La Paz; 19,686 to Cochabamba; 5,553 to Chuquisaca and 2,615 to Beni.

He pointed out that in this vaccination process, children “teach a great lesson by asking about vaccinations, asking for vaccines, going to the vaccination centers”.

“Let’s hope the elderly, who fill our ears with gossip and disinformation from the anti-vaccine movements, ignore this. These people don’t worry about you, if you end up in intensive care tomorrow the anti-vaccine movements won’t be responsible, ”he noted.

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Vaccination days took place yesterday in various capital cities in the country. This is the case with the “vaccination” in Santa Cruz, which has been taking place every Sunday since November. To date, more than 100,000 people have been vaccinated with this activity.

Several vaccination stations were also activated in Cochabamba over the weekend.


The Ministry of Health reported that in Bolivia during the day on Sunday, 889 new cases of coronavirus were reported in addition to 12 deaths.

The new infections were in Santa Cruz, 560 yesterday; Cochabamba, 51; LaPaz, 175; Chuquisaca, 31; Tarija, 30; Potosí, 7; Oruro, 24; Beni, 7 and Pando 4.

According to the report, 174 patients recovered from Covid-19 while 4,404 tests were performed, of which 889 were positive and 3,515 were discarded.

As of yesterday, 9,306,123 doses were vaccinated across the country, including the first, second and third unit dose, to the population.


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