Court rejects liberty suit, including a hearing of former President Áñez.  has requested

A La Paz constituent chamber yesterday denied a motion by the defense of Jeanine Áñez for immediate release in order to set an immediate hearing. The decision was made because the former president had not exhausted the courts to bring the appeal.

“The judiciary refused to release Jeanine Áñez, who was being investigated in the case of the 2019 coup d’état. Áñez has not exhausted all judicial bodies to submit this appeal,” said a report by Bolivia TV.

Against two judges

According to a report by radio station Erbol, the appeal was directed against two judges and the director of Miraflores prison. The first appeal is directed at the 10th criminal judge who refused to hold a hearing to lift preventive detention as the appeal of an earlier similar appeal is still pending.

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The second defendant is on behalf of the 2nd anti-corruption judge, who was accused by Áñez’s defense of failing to attain the hearing in his court on Wednesday September 1st after suspending it due to technical errors.


In the case of the director of the prison, the release lawsuit stems from allegedly denying doctors access to treatment from the former president and preventing them from being interviewed by their lawyers.

Áñez is in preventive detention in Miraflores Prison and is charged with conspiracy, sedition and terrorism for the alleged “coup d’état” of 2019.


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