In an appeal hearing this Thursday, the judiciary decided to ratify the freezing of the accounts of former President Jeanine Áñez and former Ministers Álvaro Coímbra and Rodrigo Guzmán, who have been imprisoned since March for the so-called coup.

The information was provided this Thursday by defense attorney Luis Guillén, who pointed out that the hearing was held many months later than it should have been and that the judicial authority had not assessed the points raised in order to lift the measure.

Guillén denounced that freezing accounts for Áñez and his former ministers was actually an “probable civil death” as they were unable to access their resources.

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“It is therefore not the job of the State Ministry to freeze accounts precisely, or even to freeze loans. This already represents an anticipated civil death that both the ex-president and the two ex-ministers would not be able to pay their loans and this situation is a violation of rights, “said the lawyer.

Faced with this situation, lawyer Guillén announced that the defense would launch an Amparo lawsuit in this case to protect the rights of the defendants.

Áñez and the former ministers have been in preventive detention since March because of the so-called “coup”. The precautionary measure ran until mid-September, but the courts decided to extend it for another five months for the investigation.

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