Jeanine Áñez’s right-back presented her defense evidence in the “Coup II” case and offered around 45 people as witnesses, including several political figures such as Adriana Salvatierra and Eva Copa.

The information was given to Erbol by Áñez’s lawyer Luis Guillén, who said the evidence was presented to the defense last Friday.

In this case, due to the way in which they were born on Dec.

The lawyer stated that the witnesses offered not only had to follow the same line, but should also explain how the 2019 presidential succession was presented.

He noted that among the witnesses offered is Adriana Salvatierra, who publicly resigned from the Senate presidency in 2019.

There is also former Senator Óscar Ortiz, Monsignor Aurelio Pesoa, as well as political figures like Ricardo Paz and Roberto Moscoso, who are known to have been involved in the dialogues before the Succession.

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Lawyer Guillén pointed out that Eva Copa was also suggested as a witness and said that her testimony will be very important in the trial. The list includes former deputy Shirley Franco.

He noted that more than 26 documentary pieces of evidence were also presented, including the laws promulgated by Añez, official publications, constitutional ordinances recognizing the provisional presidency, and draft laws.

The OAS report and the agency’s agreement with the state to examine the 2019 elections will also serve as evidence for the defense.

Guillén reiterated that there was “endless evidence” that there was temporary constitutional government that adhered to the norm.

Digital media such as media videos and audios have also been attached. The defense of Áñez also asked for the expertise of these recordings and also for experts in constitutional law.

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The attorney reiterated his refusal that Áñez was formally charged by the prosecution in this case.

He recalled that it is primarily a trial that should not exist because it is derived from another, ie the “Coup I” case, which investigates the same facts, but for different crimes.

It also noted that based on the report from investigators, prosecutors find that the presidential inauguration in 2019 is against the norms if there are constitutional decisions recognizing the transitional government.

He also asked whether the ordinary judiciary was trying to verify that Áñez’s presidency was constitutional, reiterating that it was not within their powers.


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