Costas, Aguilera and Saavedra had to declare the complaint on the 29th because of a deviation of 700 thousand Bs

Prosecutors said that on Wednesday the 29th government of Luis Fernando Camacho for alleged crimes of embezzlement, breach of duty and others related to corruption.

“The three people who were denounced have already been summoned in the morning and afternoon for December 29 this year,” said prosecutor Rosmeri Barrientos. When asked who was summoned, he said it was about “engineer Rubén Costas, Roly Aguilera Gasser and Carlos Manuel Saavedra, the current councilor of the municipality of Santa Cruz,” he added.

On December 20, the Santa Cruz government, chaired by Camacho, announced that a public budget of more than 700,000 baht had been allocated during the tenure of former governor Rubén Costas to support Roly Aguilera’s candidacy for mayor of the capital, Santa Cruz support .

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“Between February and March of this year 2021, the government paid for digital and street advertising for the political campaign of the party of former governor Rubén Costas,” said the legal secretary of the Santa Cruz government. Efraín Suárez, at a press conference.

He said the departmental government had evidence that the advertisements were used to spread Aguilera’s image in an emergency due to the pandemic.

The government’s complaint came at a time when the ghost property corruption scandal was being investigated in which three people were detained, including former mayor of Santa Cruz City, Angélica Sosa.

The money generated by the ghost items in the Santa Cruz community and other units was used to pay those who committed acts of violence during the 2019 mobilizations, said Public Works Minister Edgar Montaño.

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“I am a victim of these phantom objects, several people from Santa Cruz have been victims of these phantom objects. These gentlemen appeared in our houses, took our houses and we saw funds of 500, 300 Bolivianos and there it is, the result was that from the mayor’s office, from the governor’s office, they attacked our right to freedom, freedom of expression he said in a video published by the portal Behind the Truth without censorship.


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