Copa: We do not support the citizen strike or the Wiphalazo because El Alto has to work

The mayor of El Alto City, Eva Copa, reiterated this Tuesday that she had not adhered to the strike called by the citizenry and did not take part in the wiphalazo because the citizens of El Alto live from day to day of informal trade and the need to work.

“You told me yesterday. You didn’t abide by the strike because you are a masista, I didn’t abide by the strike because my people live from day to day, my people look for bread every day, we live from informal trade. And today, we do not go down to the Wiphalazo because we think we do not know, we have to take vigorous countermeasures, but something like this has to be resolved in dialogue, ”said the Mayor of El Alto.

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Copa stressed that the people of El Alto are tired of violence and conflict and wanted work.

“So don’t come and tell us we’re with one and the other. We don’t have a party, the only party is the people of El Alto and we have to work for them,” he argued.

The mayor of the city of El Alto was elected mayor of that city using the borrowed acronym Jallalla.


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