Copa rules out a return to MAS, saying it has

The return to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) was again rejected by the Mayor of El Alto, Eva Copa, who assured that the rapprochement with the government in the last few days was due to an “institutional strategic alliance” to carry out work on Good for the city.

He recalled that his departure from the ruling party was due to “deep” differences with leaders who are with former President Evo Morales. Eventual return would be viewed as an unethical attitude, he said.

“My departure from MAS was more for people who were close to the former president (Evo Morales) and we have worked out abysmal differences that benefit our city,” he added.

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In the last few days it became known of his expulsion from the Jallalla group with which he won the mayorship of El Alto. Congregation member and chairman Leopolso Chui accused her of “betraying” the group.

In previous official acts, the mayor appeared alongside President Luis Arce, whom he praised and said that El Alto would defend the national government against attempts at destabilization and also guarantee that it would finish with all its leadership.

“What people want, what citizens are looking for, is coordination between the authorities, in this case the central, departmental and local government, so that we can do simultaneous work that speaks in favor of it, for the benefit of the people,” he added added.

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