Eva Copa:

The Mayor of El Alto, Eva Copa, called on the government and politicians to stop arguing about whether there was election fraud or a coup in 2019. He believes the page needs to be turned in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery.

“I’m tired now, this is a struggle that is really causing a lot of damage to the Bolivian people and so that this struggle and this polarization no longer exist, the radicalism must stop and these extremes that are causing a lot of damage” to our country. “, he said in an interview with Cadena A.

For the city administration, the discussion about electoral fraud or the coup d’état is further polarizing Bolivia, which is why the radicalism must be put to an end.

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However, the discussion of the events between October and November 2019 is far from over as the ruling party insists on a coup while the opposition sticks to its position of electoral fraud.

The Organization of American States (OAS) recently issued a statement confirming that the canceled 2019 elections were maliciously rigged.

In addition, he questioned the expertise drawn up by the University of Salamanca at the request of the Attorney General’s office, as it contains many inconsistencies.

Both reports were controversial in the country because both parties insist on their positions.


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