Consumer Defense performs operations and recalls PCR testing Bs 450.  should not exceed

The Deputy Ministry of Defense for User and Consumer Rights, Jorge Silva, performed a series of operations on Monday in laboratories performing the PCR test for the detection of the coronavirus. The agency recalled that tests should not exceed Bs 450.

The checks were carried out before the Ministry of Health and Sports declared the health emergency and before the series of complaints about price increases due to the increase in infections in the country.

“Unfortunately, they do not comply with the right to information of the population, they have not published the costs of the COVID-19 diagnosis and this means that they are calculated above the price set by the Ministry of Health,” the authority asked during one of the operations. carried out in the Miraflores area of ​​La Paz.

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Silva upheld Ministerial Resolution 143 which sets Bs 450 as the maximum price that should be charged for a PCR test.

According to the complaints received by this government portfolio, Silva reported that there are laboratories charging up to 700 baht, which is in contradiction to the prices set in the ministerial decision mentioned above.

“We are in a health emergency, so no one can benefit from the health of the population,” he said.

The agency said that the prices set by the health portfolio do not harm private labs’ profits, given that there is a profit margin of 20-30%.


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