Congress of Peru rejects motion to declare Evo Morales a

The Peruvian Congress on Thursday refused to allow the debate on a motion for a declaration by former President Evo Morales on “persona no grata” for allegedly “meddling” in his positive opinions about President Pedro Castillo.

A majority of MPs from various political businesses rejected the motion that was received 45 votes in favor, 63 against and 13 abstentions. It took 63 votes to be admitted to the debate and eventually approved.

“The motion proposes that the Bolivian citizen Evo Morales be declared unwelcome because of his unacceptable and constant interference in national politics,” the rapporteur said before the vote in plenary.

The motion submitted by legislator Norma Yarrow of the conservative party Avanza País, He urged Morales not to comment on Peruvian politics, as this was an interference.

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Morales has visited Peru twice in the past few weeks.

The former president was among the foreign guests at Castillo’s swearing-in ceremony on July 28th and spent a week in Peru.

He returned a few days ago to attend an event organized by the teachers’ union of which Castillo is a member.

On that occasion, he ruled out being an advisor to the Peruvian President, but claimed that he had tremendous coincidences with his government program.

“My brother Pedro doesn’t need advice, he has a lot of experience,” he said on August 12th.

Castillo, a rural teacher and trade unionist, won the elections for the small Marxist Peru Libre party in June in a narrow vote against the right-wing Keiko Fujimori.

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On his last visit to Lima, Morales assured during a press conference that the coronavirus pandemic was part of a biological war created by capitalism.

“As for the pandemic, I believe it is part of a biological war. Capitalism, imperialism that exports, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, even biological ones,” said Morales.

According to Morales, the pandemic aims to eradicate the supposedly unproductive and societal burden on the elderly, poor and disabled.


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