Congress of Jurists warns of dangers to democracy in Bolivia

The World Congress of Jurists yesterday warned of the risks to democracy in Bolivia, according to the conclusions it published in the Barranquilla document published by Pagina Siete.

The XXVII. Yesterday, the biennial congress of the World Association of Jurists (WJA) condemned the “false democracies” in several Latin American countries in its final declaration and placed Bolivia in the group of countries endangering democracy.

The Barranquilla Declaration draws attention to populist actions that endanger democratic institutions in other countries on the continent.

“The same risk exists in Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador and in other countries like Mexico, where the rule of law democracy is at risk,” the document says.

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“The final declaration condemned the dictatorships and authoritarianisms in the region as well as the political instrumentalization of the judiciary in Bolivia,” tweeted the former Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric, who also attended the event along with other personalities from all over the world.

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The statement covers the various matters that lawyers from around the world have dealt with during their meeting over these two days in Barranquilla, the capital of the Colombian Caribbean, and highlights their defense of the rule of law and its absence in several Latin American countries.

“We want to denounce the situation in Cuba, where the constitutional and democratic rule of law has not existed for many years, and show our special attention in other countries such as Venezuela and Nicaragua,” the statement said.

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The text referred to “the deteriorating situation of constitutional democracy in some countries, which manifests itself under forms of authoritarianism hidden behind false democracies that violate human rights”.


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