Conade ratifies citizen strike and calls on social sectors to join

The Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) of Cochabamba announced this Wednesday that it, along with other social organizations, will join the citizens’ strike announced for October 11th and demand at least 10 points from the “unity bloc” led by the citizens of the Country.

Alejandro Almaraz, representative of Conade, said that they are taking the measure “with the aim of uniting all the organizations and entities of Cochabamba committed to democracy”.

He added that in the coming days the operational details of the strike will be finalized with social sectors maintaining their political autonomy. Unions, transporters, specialists would join.

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“The strike will have the characteristics that the democratic struggle has had in recent years, namely an absolutely peaceful mobilization, probably with blockades of pits,” he said.

The demands of the “unity bloc” include the definitive repeal of the law against illicit profits, the end of the persecution and stigmatization of the youth of the RJC and the immediate release of former President Jeanine Áñez and all political prisoners.

“The partial retreat to get people’s proposals on the law (illegal profits) we don’t believe them, it’s just a measure to try to drain the mobilization. You have to finally withdraw the law,” Lizeth said Beramendi. another of the Conade representatives.

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