Conade denounces that Albarracín is politically persecuted

For the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), the arrest warrant for the former rector of the UMSA, Waldo Albarracín, is part of a political persecution for the alleged abandonment of a pregnant woman.

“Waldo Albarracín is facing political persecution (…). The judicial measures are absolutely repressive and promoted by various actors in the current ruling party,” said a statement by Conade.

On Monday, prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the former rector of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) for the alleged crime of “abandoning a pregnant woman,” as Janeth A. Albarracín’s defense reported, a genetic study and various resources in the case , for which the warrant was branded as “harassment”.

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The Conade stated that Albarracín was promoted twice to undergo a paternity test, allegedly refused by the woman who is now accusing him of abandonment.

“Waldo Albarracín has twice advertised taking the paternity test (DNA) and even paying the costs to determine if he has a biological connection to a girl, a situation contested by the mother and the judge on the case “said Conade.

The defendant’s son, Franco Albarracín, said Tuesday that he had not been notified and that, according to Página Siete, the arrest warrant had not been found in the State Ministry’s system either.

“The order was placed without prior notification of the domicile. In consultation with prosecutors, they allegedly left notifications in the rubble of the house that was set on fire in 2019 in Cota Cota, a place where it appears that neither Waldo nor his family currently live, ”said the former rector’s legal department.

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Conade also noted “judicial system bias” and expressed support for Albarracín.

“Conade wholeheartedly supports Waldo and hopes that this situation of subordination of the judiciary to rotten interests will be defeated in the future,” said Conade.


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