Compipo refuses arrests and convenes a council for Monday

The Potosinian Civic Committee (Comcipo) decided after an advisory council meeting this Friday to convene a council on Monday to demand the freedom of the imprisoned leaders.

The leader Roxana Graz explained that the council will meet on Monday and that there will be 48 hours to organize this event.

“A national meeting with all citizens’ committees is needed to make similar decisions,” he said.

Compipo calls for the freedom of former leader Marco Antonio Pumari, who was arrested in a surprise operation last night and accused of destruction in the electoral court during the events of 2019. They also condemned the detention of the leader, Juan Carlos Manuel.

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He also pointed out that the police had been given 24 hours to withdraw any inland troops that had arrived in the past few hours.

“We demand the freedom of our leaders and former leaders,” said Graz in good time to point out that the council would take the appropriate decisions.

Conclusions (El Potosí)

The police who have arrived to leave Potosí in the last few hours are given a 24-hour period.

You have 48 hours to organize the open town hall, the mobilization committee is reinforced with the neighborhood councils and representatives of the press.

The security of the Ombudsman is guaranteed.

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As a symbol of constant mobilization, bells are asked to ring the temples of Potosí.

The parliamentary brigade is asked to defend all prisoners.


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