Compipo questions the GIEI report and will reach out to international fora to review Evo.  to judge

The Potosí Citizens’ Committee (Comcipo) this Friday questioned the report submitted by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) for failing to take into account some facts in the October 2019 conflicts and announced that it would go to international bodies is to the former President Evo Morales for not respecting the referendum of February 21, 2016 and for violating the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) with his last nomination for the national elections.

“Here (in Bolivia) there is no justice, the judiciary is unfortunately politicized and for this reason even Mr. Evo Morales is demanding the indictment with such certainty, because they will not find anything against him. (…) We are investigating carefully respective process in what the Ibero-American Human Rights Congress means for this process, ”said the President of Compipo, Juan Carlos Manuel Huallpa, the ANF.

He accused Morales of being responsible for the political and social crisis in 2019. He pointed out that the former president broke the CPE by disregarding the popular will reflected in the 2016 referendum for the chaos we currently live in our country, “he said.

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He questioned the GIEI report because, according to the Mayor of Potosí, it failed to take into account several acts of violence during the lithium issue in October. He reported that a Comcipo mobility was stoned in an ambush by People of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), a member of the civic institution was broken the head and another lost his sight, and one person got a stone in the head.

“During the (election) election campaign, Mister Evo Morales, knowing full well that we were in blockade, dared to go there, a colleague broke his head with one of those musical instruments called the Pinquillo, one of those big wooden instruments with that she broke his head, “he testified.

During the presentation of the GIEI report in Potosí, there was a verbal confrontation between two sides, some sympathizers of the ruling party and others of the citizens’ committee. In the document presented, he tells of events in 2019 that occurred in the cities of Vila Vila and Playa Verde.

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According to Manuel Huallpa, the verbal confrontation began with a peasant leader shouting, “If they will pay now.” The immediate reaction came from the members of the Compipo and tension arose.

He added that the anger among the Potosinians was not due to the fact that the question of Vila Vila and Playa Verde should be minimized in its minimal term, but rather that they seek justice for the ambush they suffered.

“That was exactly yesterday’s confrontation with the report presented by the GIEI. “said Manuel Huallpa.

On the other hand, he did not rule out an alliance with the Committee for Santa Cruz, which announced that it would file a lawsuit against former President Morales (OAS) with the International Criminal Court (ICC), but with the help of the Organization of American States.


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