Compipo announces plan to move Pumari to another prison

Roxana Graz, chairwoman of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo), condemned this Friday that the government is forcing inmates of Cantumarca prison to refuse the presence of Marco Pumari in order to move the former Ombudsman to another prison.

“Family members complain that they are forced to sign a document denying the arrival of Mr. Pumari, and with that capacity, Mr. Pumari would have to be transferred to another prison. They are forced to tell them that if they do not sign this document, they will unfortunately not receive their visits at the end of the year and will blackmail them, ”Graz told El Potosí.

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Last Tuesday the judiciary decided to move Pumari from the uncía prison to the Cantumarca prison in the capital Potosí and to reduce the preventive detention from 6 to 4 months.

Pumari was arrested earlier this month during a controversial police operation. He is charged with election crimes for allegedly obstructing the 2019 elections.

Pumari’s defense denounced that it was yet another case of political persecution by the MAS against those who denounced the 2019 election fraud.


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