Compipo and Sectors reject police prosecution in Potosí.  away

Citizens, platforms, politicians and members of parliament yesterday rejected the arrest of the former Potosino Marco Antonio Pumari as a measure that violates human rights and is “typical of the dictatorship”. Meanwhile, the Potosinian Civic Committee gave the police force (there are about 200) who had traveled from other cities in the country for the raids a 24-hour period.

Yesterday a Compipo leader announced that the institution’s president, Juan Carlos Manuel, had also been arrested, but the police did not confirm this. Manuel and four citizens of Potosí declared that they had gone into hiding at their headquarters on the Thursday night after the raid.

Roxana Grass, Compipo’s minister of morality, said the sector will be declaring a state of emergency and will not allow any further fears. Citizens’ rejection of the police presence was evident yesterday in sporadic rallies and the refusal of drivers to allow uniformed people to use their vehicles.

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo justified the arrest of Pumari, saying that the police were only following orders from the public ministry. “He is being held in a police cell in Potosí (Betanzos) and his precautionary hearing will be held in the next few hours,” Castillo said.

According to the minister, Pumari has filed a complaint about the burning of the department’s electoral court in 2019 amid the political and social crisis that Bolivia experienced following the failed elections that year.

The General Secretary of the Attorney General Edwin Quispe later stated in a press conference that Pumari was in the town of Betanzos, about 30 kilometers from the town of Potosí, for “security reasons”.

“Witness testimony and audiovisual evidence was collected suggesting that Mr. Marco Pumari was responsible for organizing and inciting influencing state property,” Quispe said.

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General rejection

Faced with this situation, the citizens of Potosí held a march to Compipo yesterday to oppose the arrest of Pumari and decided to hold a council within the next 48 hours to determine other measures.

Support to organizations

In the meantime, the country’s citizens’ committees have commented on the matter, denied this arrest and decided to hold a virtual meeting with all the country’s committees to determine the actions they will take and who are alert to this situation.

The National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) called the people “in view of the gravity of events” to a council to be held on December 20 to suppress bourgeois leaders.

In Cochabamba, the parliamentary brigade held a rally with Bolivian flags to show their support for Pumari and the people of Potosi.

The Pro Santa Cruz Committee declared itself a state of emergency and expressed its support for Compipo in the face of “abusive and persecutory acts”.

The Mayor of Potosí, Jhony Llally, expressed solidarity with the arrested leaders and former leaders, rejected the manner in which the police entered Compipo and denounced that there was a “large contingent” of Potosí police give.

Meanwhile, Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho firmly opposed “police intervention” and the arrest of Pumari.

“With this act, Luis Arce’s government is taking a typical step for the worst dictatorships of the past,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Attorney: You have Pumari’s rights. not respected

Lawyer Justo Fernández Guzmán condemned this Friday that former Potosí citizen Marco Antonio Pumari was violated in at least seven fundamental rights by arresting him at night without a known warrant and taking him 20 miles from the place for a local court to rule could take precautionary measures. In addition to these irregularities, the lawyer was denied access to the investigation protocol, which made his client “completely defenseless”.

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“We don’t understand the reasons why they moved him to the town of Betanzos. He was arrested on Murillo Avenue in the city of Potosí and, of course, the trial in the city of Potosí must be aired and the courts, which are certainly aware of this matter, can under no circumstances move to any place other than the city, if you consider that there is currently the judge who issued the search warrant, ”Fernández told ANF.

Regarding the prosecution’s evidence against Pumari, he said that he had “no access at all” to the investigation booklet because police personnel denied him access to the special crime-fighting unit (Felcc) in Betanzos, a violation of the right to defense.

“It was inaccessible, you couldn’t enter the Felcc, they didn’t have a fight, they just wouldn’t let us, they didn’t speak, they blocked our entrance,” he denounced.

MAS calls for other politicians to be stopped

Following the arrest of Marco Pumari, the vice-president of the Movement for Socialism, Gerardo García, called for similar steps against the chairman of the Civic Community (CC) Carlos Mesa, the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, and the former president Jorge Tuto Quiroga, for the events of 2019.

“Justice takes time, but it comes. It is time for those guilty of the deaths of some comrades, of burning down some houses, of burning down public facilities, ”said García. The Führer recalled that the organizations had issued an ultimatum in the “March for the Homeland” to arrest those responsible.


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