Compipo after repeal: President works for everyone, not just one party

After the repeal of Law 1386, the President of the Potosinist Citizens Committee, Juan Carlos Manuel, urged President Luis Arce to work for everyone and not just for the movement towards socialism.

He announced that they will meet tomorrow to evaluate these decisions and their pressures.

The citizen leader announced that the institutions will hold a meeting in the next few hours to evaluate these recent government decisions repealing Law 1386 on the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimation of Illicit Profits and the Financing of Terrorism.

“We asked for that. Now we sit down and make real laws and let them attack what is poverty and begging, which we especially experience in the Potosí department, ”said Manuel to the UN network.

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He also urged the president to work for everyone. “Mr President, first of all, we urge you to work for everyone, not just one political party,” he said of the Movement for Socialism.

Since Monday, the Compipo has been supporting the extreme level of permanent unemployment, which has led not only civil society institutions but also the trade union sector and, in some cases, the transport sector.

Regarding the statements of the social organizations in connection with the MAS, he said that it is not about confronting each other.


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