Committee will try to rebound the Adepcoca market

The Self-Defense Committee of the Women’s Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) announced that it will attempt this Monday to regain the Villa Fátima market, which is occupied by the MAS-related block and guarded by the police.

The conflict over coca cultivation began on September 20th with clashes between the police and the producers of the Yungas of La Paz over the rejection of Arnold Alanes, who was elected leader in a controversial election on September 4th.

The representative of the Adepcoca Self-Defense Committee of Irupana Women, Nayra Lucero Valdez, said the call to the gathering was to take measures to restore the Villa Fátima market despite the police protection.

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The gathering is held with the three provinces and the Apolo substation to recover the Adepcoca market. In the meantime, elections will not be called until this facility is restored.

The coca producers organization was founded 38 years ago to defend itself against extermination and protect traditional producers, but now it is in crisis as Adepcoca seeks to be co-opted by the government that Arnold Alanes has recognized as president. Last week, however, government minister Eduardo del Castillo came out and said the conflict was “private”.

Meanwhile, the Arnold Alanes sector announced that there will also be a meeting in the Villa Fátima market to find a way out of the fracture of the sector that has worsened in recent days with a conflict in which more than 100 Individuals were arrested and detained in the prisons San Pedro Prison.

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