Colombia: The Inter-American Court ruling comes at a time when democracy is under threat

The Colombian Foreign Ministry decided on the opinion of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Justice) requested by the Colombian state on the compatibility of the number of open-ended re-elections of the president with the obligation of states to guarantee human rights.

In the judgment, the court concluded that indefinite re-election of the president was not a right protected by either the American Convention on Human Rights or the corpus iuris of human rights, and that its prohibition, on the contrary, was compatible with international standards. According to the Court, this figure is contrary to the principles of the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights.

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“This decision is made at an economic moment in which democracy is threatened in several countries in the region,” said the Colombian Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

With this in mind, Colombia ratifies its commitment to restoring democratic order in the hemisphere and its resolute rejection of dictatorships that hinder the guarantee of human rights and the free development of Latin American citizens.


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