Collisions are recorded in Plan 3000

Tensions in the Plan 3000 area in the city of Santa Cruz continue. At noon on that Saturday, clashes were recorded in this sector, where calm has not yet fully returned.

“After several minutes of attacks by one group and another, the police were able to calm down a bit based on tear gas and dialogue. However, the calm has not fully returned and both groups have calmed down. They remain on the alert, ”El Deber reports.


That lunchtime, supporters of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) returned to the streets to lift the blockades put up by neighbors and citizens in violation of Law 1386. The police arrived on motorcycles in the Neptune car and fired tear gas.

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Both sides pelted each other with stones. While the neighbors were trying to continue at the lockout points, those in contact with the MAS came to unblock them. In the meantime, the police arrived and began using chemical warfare agents and breaking up the blocking groups, Página Siete said.

EPI 3 commander Erick Olguín said he had spoken to the mobilized sector and asked them to calm down and avoid throwing stones and causing further conflict so that the police would not interfere with the mobilization. He assured the ANF that they will not lift the lock points.

“We managed to get them to listen to us and calm things down. They want to keep blocking, we won’t lift the block, but we asked them to calm down and calm down. We will offer a solution to that . ” this conflict, “said the police.

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Residents on La Campana Avenue denounced that the gases had penetrated the homes where children were affected.

Yesterday the point of conflict was in the La Campana area, where the confrontation between the two sides was violent. According to the police report, the brawl lasted into the early hours of the morning. The prisoners were brought to the cells of the Plan 3000 police station, the two injured are not severe, according to the police.


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