COEM of La Paz is lifting the time limit and suspending the festival for the second time on July 15th

As coronavirus infections fell in the municipality of La Paz, restrictions on people and motor vehicles were lifted. In addition, for the second year in a row, it was decided to suspend the performance of the traditional festival for the 212 years of the July 16, 1809 revolution.

The decision to cancel the June 15 schedule will be reassessed at a next meeting of the Municipal Emergency Operations Committee (COEM), reported La Paz Mayor Iván Arias.

“The COEM has decided to suspend the restrictive measures on traffic for this week, we will suspend the July 15th festival for this year and we will fight pharmacies and funeral directors who benefit from the health and economy of La. said the mayor at the end of the meeting.

What has been approved by the COEM will be taken into account in a 12-point document agreed by various representatives of the institutions of La Paz as well as the Scientific Committee of the Mayor’s Office of La Paz in relation to the behavior of the pandemic in the community.

On another point, it provides for the suspension of the festival on July 15, the eve of the celebrations for the 212th anniversary of the revolution of July 16, 1809. For this celebration, Arias announced a mixed agenda of virtual and personal to-face activities , those that will be with few people.

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The COEM ratified the state of alert and promoted a massive and joint campaign for vaccination, a special vaccination day for La Paz y la vida in coordination with the department’s health service (headquarters).

Regulations of the COEM of La Paz

1.- Intensification of the self-regulation brigades between the social and productive sectors and an increase in the frequency and extent of the fumigation of markets and public transport.

2.- Maintaining 50% capacity in shops and other activities that are carried out in closed environments.

3.- Require the ventilation of closed spaces, for this the units of the public transport service must have windows that can be opened.

4.- Continuity of the Ruta de la Vida program, the sectoral self-regulatory brigades and oxygen therapy in health centers.

5.- Continue the technical and administrative procedures required for the urgent and transparent purchase of an oxygen and vaccine production plant for the municipality of La Paz with the technical and professional advice of the UMSA.

6.- Increase communication awareness campaigns.

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7.- The COEM remains on alert and can be summoned at any time depending on the information and the epidemiological needs.

8.- Promote a massive and common campaign for the vaccination of citizens, set up a special vaccination day for La Paz and, in coordination with the LP headquarters, at the same time ask the central government to give the La Paz department the percentage according to its population (25%). The heads of the various sectors will ask their affiliates to provide proof of vaccination.

9.- For this year, interrupt the traditional festival of July 15th to save life.

10.- The measures specified in the COED of June 22nd, 2021 are observed.

11.- Until the next COED or COEM, the time restrictions set by the municipality of La Paz will be suspended.

12.- Participation in the Interinstitutional Committee Covid-19, proposed by the Vice Ministry of Defense of User and Consumer Rights, to ensure the delivery and control of medicines, medical devices, laboratory analysis services, health and price control for the benefit of consumers and users of the municipality of La Paz, as the autonomous municipal administration of La Paz, in cooperation with the municipal council.


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