Cocarico denies having mobilized people in 2019, according to statements from third parties

Former Rural Development and Land Minister César Cocarico on Wednesday denied that in 2019 he had mobilized people ready to come down from El Alto to burn down the city of La Paz, as former President Evo Morales would have mentioned if it had The Mexican plane was allowed to enter the country, as the former commander of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB), Jorge Gonzalo Terceros, told the prosecutor.

Cocarico was surprised and concerned when he heard the statements of the former FAB commander, in which he also mentioned his name. He said that third parties testified before the prosecutor without any basis because it was a situation that did not arise.

“Absolutely (a lie), we don’t have the means to pay for their tickets or their stay in any way. I don’t know where it’s coming from, I think it’s in someone’s mind. We didn’t have that option” to coordinate. We never worked like that. anti-democratic way, always within democratic parameters, respecting rights, “said Cocarico on Radio Fides.

According to the testimony of the former commander of the FAB, “Evo said that Cocarico had 15,000 companions to burn La Paz” if the Mexican plane was not authorized to enter Bolivian territory to transfer the ex-presidents abroad after they resigned from their positions.

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“If you do not allow this plane (Mexicans in Bolivian airspace) to enter, you are guilty of the 15,000 comrades who descend from El Alto for La Paz and burn the city,” threatened Morales. “I have no more control, the person responsible is Minister Cocarico, call him and find an agreement,” Morales would have replied after a third party asked him not to create this situation.

The former head of state also spoke of the entry of 2,000 people into the city of La Paz to counter the blockades that had developed in the country at the time.

“Mostly surprised by these things, but those are the feelings that overwhelm me,” he said.

He reiterated that there was never an organization in the department of La Paz that caused violence. He explained that the context at the time was that the population was inflamed by various situations that occurred around the Wiphala and other aspects that even their own leaders could not control.

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He said that in his capacity as the then coordinator of the government in the department of La Paz, when he had direct contact with the various social organizations but at no time was there any mention of violence in the meetings they held, he claimed that they held meetings to define some aspects of their demands.

He believes former President Morales failed to make these statements and the former FAB commander lied in his testimony. He recalled that the former commander in chief of the armed forces, Williams Kalimán, called him on November 11 between 12.30pm and 2pm to ask if he could help demobilize the people, but the response from the former Minister of Tierras was that he had no way of paralyzing this kind of mobilization because the people were being mobilized for a cause.


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