Coca growers recapture Adepcoca after tough arguments with police;  there are injured and imprisoned

Members of the so-called “self-defense committee” of the Yungas took over the cocoa market in Villa Fátima in La Paz after violent clashes that forced the police to withdraw.

At 1:00 p.m., the coca farmers entered the coca market and lit a tricolor on the terrace of the building and asked the police to stop using any further chemical agents.

The clashes in the sector continued on a day the two sides decided to meet.

So the opponents of Arnold Alanez, an ally of the government, broke into the headquarters of the building, which is one block from the Plaza del Maestro.

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Although police used tear gas to disperse the protesters, the green leaf producers took dumpsters to erect barricades and broke through on the tip of dynamite, driving the uniformed men back and taking control of the market.

In this sense, at least two police officers were seriously injured, reported television media.


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