Coca growers elect electoral committee and urge the government not to open a market

After two weeks of mobilizations and confrontations with police officers, this Tuesday the coca producers elected an electoral committee to hold the elections to elect the directors of the department’s association of coca producers (Adepcoca). Armin Lluta, organic chef, has taken a step aside to develop this process.

The relentless struggle to regain the legal market and wrest it from the hands of Arnold Alanes, a recognized leader of the ruling party, is taking its first steps to enforce its institutional framework and the electoral committee is elected in a gathering in the rain.

Maycol Reyes was elected chairman of the committee, which announced that next Monday a call for election of Adepcoca-affiliated producers who do not respond to the government would be released.

According to the information, the elections would take place between 30 and 45 days after the publication of the call, which must comply with the regulations, the internal statute and the Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

This committee also consists of the vice-presidency of a representative of the Coripata region, as protocol secretary of the Trinidad Pampa region, finance minister of the Inqusivi region and spokesman for the Chamaca region.

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A report by suggests that there was some anger among attendees for denouncing the existence of upfront agreements.

“They say they are word pacts, but they already knew that Chulumani would win. Let’s hope they hold fair elections,” said one of the Chamaca region members.

Another complaint was the form of choice, as it was made out of the support of the gathered population.

“How can you do that, it should be in writing so that it is not unknown or fulfilled later. May he not renew his provisional mandate; their only job is to call and develop elections, ”said the representative from Chamaca.

Other partners offered their support and demanded that the board be elected once and for all when they called for the Yungueños to unite so that the divisions that are damaging the institution do not recur.

It should be noted that after the Villa Fátima market recovered, the partners held a meeting to elect a representative who would have one vote as a member of the electoral committee.


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Adepcoca’s attorney Evelyn Cossío reports that the headquarters were found damaged, which is why she mentioned that a formal complaint against the leader Arnold Alanes was consistent.

“During these 15 days, the loss of around 15 computers, two breathing apparatus, stolen documents, smashed doors and license plates were found. What is equivalent is to formalize the lawsuit against Arnold Alanes, ”he said.

They will not allow a parallel market

Given the announcement by Arnold Alanes, who is responding to the MAS, to open another legal market, the representative of the Adepcoca Self-Defense Committee of the Women of Irupana, Nayra Lucero Valdez, urged the government to respect Ministerial Resolution 342/2021, which it recognized as the only market for Villa Fátima.

“According to the law that Evo Morales brought out, there are only two legal markets: one from the Yungas, i.e. Adepcoca, and the other from Sacaba (Cochabamba). Then the government would break the law by creating another market that we won’t allow, ”he said.

On February 25, 2021, the Ministry of Rural Development issued Resolution No. 068 to relocate the market to Kalajahuira.


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