Coca growers ask Tomasa to become an Adepcoca candidate and she replies that it will depend on the bases

After the self-defense committee took over the headquarters of Adepcoca in the Villa Fátima market, the coca farmers challenged Tomasa Medina, a coca producer from Arapata, as a candidate for the leadership of the association. She replied that it will depend on the bases.

When asked if she saw herself as the future president of Adepcoca, Medina replied: “It depends on the base (…) for the struggle for so many days as if I were a guerrilla in front of the police; be, I accept (…) I am ready to confront the government, “he said among a group of people who started the chorus” Tomasa candidate “.

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In the days of confrontations, Tomasa radiated joy despite the conflicts, she could even be seen dancing to a cumbia that her companions sang.

“The Yungas are all here, the 60,000 members are here. The Yungas are respected, this is the real producer of the coca leaf,” said Tomasa.


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