Classes start on February 1st and in two modalities

The Vice Minister of Regular Education, Bartolomé Puma, reiterated that due to the expected behavior of the coronavirus pandemic, he would like to start schoolwork on February 1st, using the personal and mixed modalities.

“In the last administration we completed classes with 82 percent face-to-face and blended courses. We believe that this management with vaccination gives us even more positivity to start with face-to-face or semi-face-to-face classes,” said the Education authority in contact with Cepra.

He added that they are currently working with the autonomous city councils to have these bodies adapt the educational units with protocols and biosafety measures.

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“Maybe they should expand the number of taps, the hygiene toilets. You need to prioritize the equipment for restarting education, ”he said.


Enrollment in 2022 is scheduled for January 17th and classes will start on February 1st. On January 17th, 18th and 19th, this process will only be released for first-year students; and 20 and 21 for those who change educational units.

Puma made it clear that the registration of old schoolchildren in all educational institutions in the country takes place automatically and the presentation of the vaccination card against Covid-19 is not absolutely necessary for new or company changes.

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