Classes in urban centers begin February 1 in virtual format

Classes begin on February 1 across the country, but in urban centers they will be conducted in a virtual format due to the number of infections from the fourth wave of Covid-19, Education Minister Édgar Pary reported this Thursday.

“I confirm, the regulations establish three modalities, today we have polarization on the issue of contagion, when it comes to the issue of contagion, I confirm that we will start virtually. In urban contexts, it needs to be virtual,” Pary said at a news conference.

The minister explained that classes in rural and remote areas could start in mixed or face-to-face form, depending on epidemiological reports.

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He clarified that the decision on the modality of teaching “is not something that the father or mother will say” and that health responsibilities and the right to health and life must take precedence.

“At this point, of course, in more than all urban contexts, it has to be remote, it has to be remote, because the report has already ratified us. Cases are increasing at an impressive rate and the Ministry is putting health first,” Pary said.

Pary confirmed enrollments will begin on January 17 in a phased manner with courses and biosecurity measures to avoid crowds.

He said the virtual platform is ready and will be ready by the time classes start. It will be free and will contain all the material for the virtual lessons. The tests will be carried out in the following week.

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The minister urged parents to vaccinate their children so they can return to face-to-face classes in the near future.

He said vaccination card issuance is “suspended” and he will refer to it if the government issues a statement.

He claimed that he was coordinating with Entel and other institutions to ensure access to the service, although he ruled out giving a bonus, as some parents wished.


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