Classes in schools start on Monday and will be virtual in Cochabamba

Cochabamba and La Paz confirmed the return to classes from Monday June 28, under the remote and virtual modality due to the high risk of infection from Covid-19 and the low temperatures. In the meantime, the teachers ask for reasonable conditions for a possible return to mixed and face-to-face classes.

Education Minister Adrián Quelca ruled out a renewed extension of the holidays after a month of pedagogical rest and confirmed the resumption of school operations from this Monday across the country in stages and under epidemiological analysis. In addition, he pointed out that only distant and semi-present modalities are taken into account.

According to the latest report by the Ministry of Health and Sports a month ago, hundreds of communities across the country have been reported at high risk of infection from Covid-19. Cochabamba had 27 more parishes in the high category; followed by Santa Cruz at 20.

In view of this situation, the government of Cochabamba, by decree-decree 4680, suspended the face-to-face and semi-face-to-face school activities in communities at high epidemiological risk and maintained virtual activities.

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However, city teachers stated that regardless of the level of risk, they only resume virtual classes and refuse to return to face-to-face or mixed classes. The Departmental Directorate Education (DDE) only spoke out on Friday afternoon.

In this department, 15 municipalities reported more than 100 active cases as of June 24, according to the department’s health service (headquarters): Cercado (4,259), Quillacollo (1,236), Sacaba (939), Tiquipaya (520), Colcapirhua (454. ). ), Vinto (409), Punata (268), Sipe Sipe (189), Puerto Villarroel (185), Villa Tunari (147), Entre Ríos (157), Cliza (145), Chimoré (107), Aiquile (150) and Tarata (103).

Winter time

For its part, the DDE of La Paz ordered yesterday that school lessons in both rural and urban areas would only be resumed in distance mode given the low temperatures.

The director of the facility, Carmelo López, stated that classes will resume with extended winter hours, meaning that students will start taking classes from nine in the morning.

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This region plans to move into face-to-face and blended modalities starting July 19.

The other departments have not yet notified the regulations for the resumption of school activities.

Teachers ask for conditions

The urban teachers of La Paz and Cochabamba are demanding better conditions from the government for a possible return to face-to-face and mixed teaching.

“The teacher on his advisory board decided not to return to class until then, as it appears that remote and virtual mode contagions are slowed down as there are no conditions for blended or face-to-face,” said the leader of the Cochabamba sector, Norma Barrón.

He said the government must guarantee biosafety supplies for the latter two modalities. “The vaccine isn’t a guarantee either; It is children and young people who are now in danger, ”he said.


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