Clan Ballesteros, a criminal organization dedicated to stealing homes and vehicles, crashes

At a press conference at the General Police Headquarters in La Paz, Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo introduced a family clan dedicated to home theft and other types of crimes.

“In the area of ​​Villa Tejada Rectangular, five people broke into a house by force, stole cell phones and Bs 3000, fled in a white car (…), our police officers started the relevant investigations and managed to arrest two people. at a checkpoint in the town of Confital, “he reported.

For his part, the Bolivian Police Commander said those involved were involved in at least three criminal acts of theft of $ 50,000, $ 30,000 and $ 3,000. Those arrested now had a criminal record for similar offenses, which means that they were multiple repeat offenders.

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“They were able to rescue the video surveillance images that these people were exposed to, and their approach was to have them enter homes, handcuff the victims, take them to the place where their goods were found, steal them, and set them free,” he said.

Minister Del Castillo announced that Messrs. Juan Carlos Choque and Claudia Soliz were found in the vehicle in which they carried out the robbery on Tuesday June 22 of that government and the whereabouts of the others on Monday June 28 Participants: Arnold Ballesteros, Erick Ballesteros and Jaqueline Romero.

“We have informed the Bolivian people of the arrest and detention of 5 people belonging to the so-called Clan Ballesteros, a criminal organization dedicated to the robbery of houses and other types of crimes (…), at the time of their arrest they managed to they found a revolver, goat legs, and other artifacts in the vehicle they were in, ”he said.

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Finally, the minister reaffirmed the commitment of the national government and the Bolivian police in the fight against crime, a situation that is evidenced by the efficiency and effectiveness of the servers of the olive green institution in solving the case.


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