Cívicos Santa Cruz invited the GIEI to a meeting and asked for the report to be completed

The Santa Cruz Citizens Committee convened a meeting of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) to announce citizen participation in 2019.

“President Luis Arce and the government minister refer negatively to the Committee on Santa Cruz and the Union Juvenil Cruceñista, distorting all reports with a desire to persecute the leaders who have defended democracy. That is why we invite the GIEI to visit us and see firsthand how the people of Santa Cruz and Bolivia fought, “said the citizen leader Rómulo Calvo.

Calvo said he would send a letter to the GIEI inviting them to a meeting, adding that they were not invited to do the report and will ask for additions.

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In the GIEI report, the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee is mentioned several times and the “permits” to circulate that were issued during the conduct of the citizen strikes during the mobilization days for the 21 days are respected.

“The permit request issued by the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee was a practice not covered by the right to protest. The restriction of the right to freedom of movement is a privative act of the exclusive power of the state under strict legal norms and standards to qualify its legality, ”says part of the organism’s document.

Calvo assured that although they were quoted in the report, they were never asked to make any additions.

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