Cívicos de Tarija confirm that they will belong to the Grand National Council

The citizens of Tarija will be part of the Grand National Council, which will be held on January 15th, said Adrián Ávila, president of the Tarija Citizens’ Committee.

“The national citizens’ movement continues to work, we remain firm, united than ever and yesterday the decisions we made were ratified and that from next year, on January 15th, we will have a large National Council, where we are of course” You will ask that all political prisoners be released, ”said Ávila, quoted in La Voz de Tarija.

Bolivia was “back in the days of dictatorship,” said the citizen of Tarije.

“They created spaces to block the work of the citizens, not to meet us, that we can coordinate, and also this legal prosecution that all citizens are exposed to. They persecute us without respecting the regulations, act contrary to the political constitution of the state, we go back to the days of dictatorship ”.

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Yesterday, at the Compipo-convened concentration in Potosí, a National Council was convened in Santa Cruz, but President Rómulo Calvo, a Santa Cruz citizen leader, questioned the resolve without prior consultation and indicated that he had the idea of. will reconsider the measure.


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