Cívicos Cruceños and unions ratify October 11th strike

The Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee and the trade unions ratified the strike and blockades for October 11th in opposition to the law combating the legitimation of illegal profits and other norms that the mobilized people believe violate the rights of Bolivians.

“On Monday, yes or yes, there will be a strike out of respect for the dignity of Bolivians, because we do not accept the laws they want to pass and violate the rights of Bolivians,” said the President of Santa Cruz. with civil, Rómulo Calvo.

He said the fact that the law has been suspended in its legislative treatment does not mean that the strike will be suspended.

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“These laws are required to be repealed, they shouldn’t be dealt with because they don’t lead to unity, to growth,” he said.

For its part, the National Trade Union Confederation, calling for the cancellation and non-suspension of the bill in question against the legitimation of illegal profits, confirmed its participation in the national strike on October 11th.

“It is decided to call for a mobilized strike on Monday 11 February with union workers leading the demonstration in the city of La Paz. The concentration takes place in the area of ​​the cemetery and within the usual places. The special state and regional associations will be responsible for blocking roads, ”the resolution said.

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The October 11 strike was called by the unions, but the so-called “unitary bloc” was added, made up of bourgeois leaders of the departments and opponents.


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