Cívico de Tarija says the government wants to behead Comcipo for lithium and

For the president of the Tarija Citizens’ Committee, Adrián Ávila, the aim of the arrest of former citizen Marco Pumari and the recent raids in Potosí against the Cívico Potosinista (Comcipo) committee is to behead this institution so that the executive can take over the lithium business without obstacles.

According to the leader, who will attend the summit of the national citizens’ movement this Tuesday, the central government has great economic interests in this natural resource for changing the energy matrix, El Deber published.

“They want to get their hands on the lithium reserves, to exploit them and to hand them over to the Chinese and Russians. Juan Carlos Manuel, President of Compipo, stood up for their defense and it is no secret that Marco Antonio Pumari was also against it at the time . ” This is the revenge of the MAS for the indictment of election fraud in 2019, ”said Ávila.

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Manuel and two other Compipo leaders have been in hiding for days and are known to be “safe”.

Ávila questioned the government for “imposing state terrorism” in order to persecute, subdue and silence Bolivian society and the organizations that are spokespersons for the people for their oversight and defense work.

“Their strategy is to behead Comcipo, which is protecting lithium mining and looking for better prospects. We must not allow the judicial authorities and the public ministry to be manipulated,” he denounced.

He said the citizens were not against justice, but claimed that the judicial authority was manipulated by the government and was not trustworthy.

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He claimed that the trial was a “smoke screen” and that the Citizens’ Summit to be held in Potosí this Tuesday would make decisions in defense of democracy.


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