Civic Santa Cruz warns of arrest warrant against Rómulo Calvo

Santa Cruz Committee Vice-President Fernando Larach warned this Tuesday that the State Ministry had issued an arrest warrant for Ombudsman Rómulo Calvo, although he has not yet been notified, so the information has not been made official.

“In the last few hours we have received information that the Movement for Socialism has issued an arrest warrant for President Rómulo Calvo Bravo through the government ministry as the repressive arm,” Larach said at a press conference.

He pointed out that the information is unofficial, so they do not know the details of the arrest warrant, they suspect that it was issued by the city of Sucre; They also have no certainty about the case for which they issued the order.

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“We are waiting for it to be officially confirmed, but it is good that public opinion is aware of the events and persecution that the President of the Santa Cruz Committee is suffering and all those who think otherwise about it in any way . ” Country, “he argued.

Lawyer Martín Camacho reported that there were several lawsuits against Calvo, so he was presented to all subpoenas from the ministry and the judiciary, so there should be no reason for an arrest warrant.

“There is no declaration of rebellion on him, so the arrest warrant would be out of place, it would also be an act of violation, there would be no motive. The existence of this arrest warrant was known in the early hours of the morning.” , he limited.

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At the end of August, Jorge Valda, lawyer for the Citizens’ Committee and defender of former President Jeanine Áñez, was also summoned by the Ministry of State to witness the case of the members of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC). .


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