Citizens ratify the national strike on October 11th and social sectors affirm that it will be a failure

The Pro Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee confirmed the decision of the “Summit of Democracy” to go on a strike across the country called for October 11th, while sectors associated with the Movement for Socialism (MAS) assured that the pressure measures will fail.

In a statement, the bourgeois body confirmed that the decisions taken at the October 4 meeting by opposition politicians, the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) and other platforms remain in effect.

“The Pro Santa Cruz Committee announced that on the basis of the resolution of the National Summit for Unity in Defense of Democracy, the measures were taken in consensus with civil society actors, citizens, representatives of institutions, authorities and politicians from across the country firmly stay ”, is part of the document.

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They ratified the motion to end the persecution of opposition leaders, repeal the law against the legitimation of illegal profits and other norms that they believe threaten the freedoms and democratic rights of citizens.

Social sectors related to the MAS assured that the 10.

The executive secretary of the unique federation of peasant workers of Santa Cruz, Marcos Miranda, believed that the public no longer believes in the civil calls because of the role they played during the 2019 crisis.

“We know that the October 11th strike will be a failure, and we also urge all of our social organizations not to go on strike,” he said at a press conference along with several leaders from other sectors.

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The board of directors of the Federation of Indigenous Intercultural Communities of Bolivia (CSCIOB), Esteban Alavi, opposed the citizens’ strike because it would only “harm” the economies of families who earn a living.

He assured that they would not allow activities to be paralyzed that day and said that they would work normally.

Citizens, opposition officials, platforms and others decided to activate mobilizations to dispel concerns about those leading the protests that later led to Evo Morales’ resignation.

Only one of those called to witness the so-called “coup” is the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho. He was due to testify this Thursday, but has been postponed without a date until his father, José Luis Camacho, can appear first.


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