Citizens put the government's

This Monday, the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens Committee called for the rights of “political prisoners” to be respected and questioned the “Taliban actions” of Luis Arce’s government against former President Jeanine Áñez.

“Very concerned about the actions of the Taliban by the Arce Catacora government in accordance with the treatment of women and discrimination against political prisoners,” said Mayor Rómulo Calvo at a press conference.

He said that the recommendations of international organizations aiming for Áñez to defend himself freely should be followed.

He said it was time to avoid “political vengeance” and to respect the law, the judiciary and their procedures.

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“The measures proposed by international organizations must be observed. The rights of the former president as well as other political prisoners are violated in violation of the law, “said Calvo.

He demanded that the MAS government “respect justice” and regretted that the judiciary was under the government.

He said that the government “protects” former President Evo Morales and that the executive will only focus on prosecuting opponents when international reports also hold former President Morales responsible for the 2019 crisis.


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