Citizens of the country support Compipo and warn that they will not allow the democratic system to be violated again

The National Council of Citizens ‘Committees in the country spoke out in favor of the Potosinist Citizens’ Committee (Comcipo) and warned that it would not allow a “new violation of the democratic system”.

“In view of the new attempt to avenge and arrest the bourgeois leaders of Potosí, the National Citizens’ Movement will not allow any new violation of the democratic system and the legitimate representation of society,” said a statement by the civic community.

“We will defend Bolivia as often as necessary, protected by the political constitution of the state, while the regime tries again to break the democratic system. We call on the Bolivian people, the brave Potosino, to defend their rights and freedoms, institutions and democracy that are being taken from us today, ”he added.

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On Thursday night, the Compipo offices were searched by the police with an arrest warrant against the citizen Juan Carlos Manuel and other Potosí leaders.

In addition, ex-citizen Marco Pumari was reported missing and pro-government media said he was arrested in 2019 due to the conflicts.


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