Citizens Committee: The agility in the Santa Cruz cases is striking and that 14 years of Evo corruption do not touch each other

For the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens Committee it is noticeable that the processes in which personalities from the region are involved are carried out in an agile manner, while the alleged corruption cases of the 14-year-old MAS government are not touched or investigated.

In recent days, the case of ghost items in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office and the alleged diversion of funds from the Santa Cruz government during the administration of Rubén Costas have come to light. The region is considered a stronghold of the opposition to the MAS.

“All corruption lawsuits reported in Santa Cruz or Bolivia must be investigated and those accused must be prosecuted in accordance with the law. The rights and constitutional guarantees of a citizen of this country must not be violated, but I repeat, the complaints must be investigated and resolved, “said the first vice-president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, Fernando Larach.

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However, he said: “It really gets our attention – and it makes sense that it should be done – that the prosecution act swiftly in the Santa Cruz proceedings, but 14 years of Evo Morales corruption is not affected, it is not . ” investigated, nobody says anything “.

Larach said that preventive detention according to the norm should be imposed in exceptional cases, but the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) used it as a “measure of intimidation”.

“Whether or not Ms. Sosa deserves to be arrested, it’s not up to me to judge her, I don’t know the details and I don’t know the process. However, I understand that the precautionary measure of arrest should not be legal. “A rule but an exception,” he said.

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On his social networks, Laracha claimed that “Santa Cruz needs transparency. Santa Cruz needs the truth that all allegations of corruption will be resolved, investigated and sanctioned using due process. This is where the MAS has a lot to do.”

“That these events are no excuse for the government to persecute citizens who defend democracy!”


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