Citizens and the union qualify the day of the protests as positive and warn with radicalizing measures

Unions and civil society groups described the first day of protests against Law 1386 of the National Strategy to Combat Legitimacy of Illegal Profits as positive, warning that they will radicalize pressure if the government does not lift this norm.

The sectors called for a 48-hour strike today and tomorrow. The measure was partly carried out in the cities of Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Tarija and Potosí with massive marches and sporadic blockades.

“We completely reject this law, it is not just a struggle of the merchants, it is a gag law. Taxes and customs are already gripping our industry. In denial of these cursed laws. The merchants totally reject it, we demand the total repeal of this accursed law, ”said the union leader César Gonzales in Cochabamba.

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He claimed that if the government does not repeal this law, “we will radicalize policies and join other sectors if they don’t listen to us. We will be there until the last consequences ”.

The chairman assured that the national association will meet in the next few hours and determine the new pressure measures. He did not rule out a march to the city of La Paz.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Potosinista Civic Committee (Comcipo) Nelson Gutiérrez said that despite the fact that some sectors such as the mining cooperatives have not joined the measures, the strike is taking place in the city of Potosí.

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“We have made an assessment, we have toured the Uyuni market area, it is paralyzed, including the lower area, the ring road, but we understand that the 48-hour strike is taking shape. It is a mobilized, disciplined and peaceful strike. It’s been powerful so far, ”Gutiérrez told El Potosí.


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