Citizen Community suggests investigating issues in the executive branch, mayors, and governorates

In an official communication, the opposition Citizen Community (CC) Alliance proposed to the Vice President of the State and the President of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP), David Choquehuanca, to set up a “Special Investigation Commission into the Case of Phantom Objects” for municipalities, governorates and the central government as well as links to political parties, including the Movement towards Socialism (MAS).

The letter was presented by the Chairman of the ZK Bank in the Chamber of Deputies, Carlos Alarcón, and refers to Article 48 of the General Provisions on the Establishment of a Special Commission composed of Senators and Deputies from the three armed forces represented in the Legislature.

The legislator proposed that the study should be carried out in three phases: at the municipal, departmental and national levels, with a focus on the central axis of the country, as this has the most resources and inhabitants.

He added that even the National Health Fund and public companies were being investigated at the central level.

In this context, the letter advises that an investigation should be carried out which includes aspects which are not considered by the ordinary justice system and which are distorted, biased or obscured, taking into account the dependence of prosecutors and judges on the national government in the investigation. .

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“Such is the case with the political ties and ramifications of the MAS with previous administrations of the Santa Cruz municipal government,” he says in the note.

“The point is to examine all the implications and links that exist between the ruling party and every other political force in local governments and governorates,” he said.

As an example, he cited the mother of Prime Minister María Nela Prada, Betty Tejada, former President of the Chamber of Deputies (MAS), who was an advisor to former Mayor Sosa.

“The mother of the current prime minister was an adviser to the former mayor Sosa,” said Alarcón, making it clear that this did not mean that she was involved in the case.

Alarcón asserts in the note that “unlike the previously established mixed commissions, in which the opposition is poorly represented, the advantage of the special commission is that it would enable the MAS, the civil community and the creemos to be represented proportionally and fairly, and the involvement of parliamentarians with a high level and technical and professional capacity in the specific research question ”.

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They don’t matter

Alarcón also said that this corruption case, known as “Phantom Items”, shows that the transparency units structured in the public institutions accused do not play an effective role in preventing and responding to these events.

You load Lanchipa. for an oral report

The Commission on the Territorial Organization of the State and Local and Regional Autonomies will convene the Attorney General Juan Lanchipa and the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Jhonny Fernández, to present an oral report to this legislature on the case of corruption of phantom objects, the reported Deputy Bertha Acarapi (MAS-IPSP).

“We have approved two requests for an oral report in committee (…) this call is scheduled for the second week of January. We hope that you will be here and be able to present this report,” said Acarapi.

The Legislature’s explanation comes after the Attorney General’s Office declares the phantom items of the case in reserve.


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