Csutcb attacks indigenous march;  Führer replies that they are not trying to destabilize the government

The Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti, urged the government authorities to listen to the shouts of the indigenous peoples demanding that the submission of their land be stopped.

“These days we are witnessing the march of the indigenous peoples of our region, asking for their rights to be respected, to end the submission of their territories and their ancestral lands, a source of livelihood and life for them and their families. May their cry be heard, especially by the authorities who respond to the righteous requests of our brothers, ”he said during the sermon this Sunday in Santa Cruz.

The monsignor’s statements refer to the march of the indigenous peoples of the East, Amazonia and the Chaco, which began 12 days ago to oppose further attacks in their regions, violation of their rights and neglect of the authorities in public policy for their sector . The number of protesters is around 200, including young men, women, children and the elderly.

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“Jesus, who makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak, speaks today to each of us who shouts: open !; Open new horizons of trust and hope, inspired by the certainty that we can always count on his help, open our lives to Jesus to participate in his plan of salvation and to be counted among the righteous whom the Lord loves “, as we proclaimed it in the Psalm, ”he said.

Likewise, the archbishop added, “We are also spiritually deaf when obsessed with our pride and arrogance, when we do not know how to forgive or receive forgiveness, when we cultivate feelings of hatred, resentment and vengeance in our hearts when we lie or misrepresent the truth when we keep silent in the face of discrimination, injustice and abuse of power ”.

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He declared that “this moral disease” causes isolation and divides families, groups and peoples, raises the walls that prevent open and sincere dialogue, gives way to violence and confrontation, seriously endangers peaceful coexistence and the harmonica.

He urged not to remain silent in the face of so many victims of injustice. “Let us not be cowards, let us not be deaf and let us not be silent and indifferent to so many victims of injustice and abuse of institutions called to guarantee peace and the observance of the law,” he said.


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