Church to the police:

On the day of the 195th anniversary of the Bolivian Police, the President of the Bishops’ Conference, Msgr. Ricardo Centellas, called on the members of the Order to “live in the truth” and told them, “if the institutionality of a country is not respected, it contradicts it Truth.”

“We will also ask that they can live in the truth like all human beings, but much more like police officers, and we pray that we live in the truth in our country in Bolivia. The lie does not build us up, they” destroys us. it honors, enslaves us. Lies do not free us, on the contrary, they dehumanize us, complicate our life and you now live it in a special way: if the institutionality of a country is not respected, it goes against the truth, ”he said. Blinks in front of members of the Order at mass for the date.

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The Archbishop of Sucre also stated that it was prayed that “we as people as Bolivians will at all times be able to find and live the truth on a personal, family and institutional level”.

As an example, he cited John the Baptist in his message, who was beheaded after questioning a king who lives with his brother’s wife. “To silence him, take his head out,” he said.

“So that this figure of Saint John the Baptist would encourage us instead of discouraging us. They took his head off and so many others to defend the truth. I believe that the Lord will always give us the strength to fight will, “added the monsignor. .

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He reflected that it is very difficult to live in the truth because of the courage required and the difficulty of seeing mistakes.

The police are celebrating this anniversary amid controversy arising from the promotion project that sees the government minister become part of the high command. The opposition warned that this initiative seeks greater political control over the olive green company.

Monsignor Centellas also stated that the police are synonymous with security and give peace of mind in the responsibilities they have. He said he would pray that the troops on the front lines don’t suffer so much from the pandemic.


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