Church rejects calls for confrontation and welcomes the repeal of Law 1386

The Bishops of Bolivia called today at the conclusion of the CIX General Assembly of the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference to set up a “serious, transparent and open” dialogue between the government and the mobilized sectors in order to avoid confrontation. They also saw the announcement of the repeal of Law 1386 as a step towards dialogue.

“The promulgation of projects and laws of dubious constitutionality, which are done without sufficient study, consensus and socialization, as it should be in a constitutional state and in full democracy, evokes diverse reactions. The call for confrontation in the street cannot be an answer. , Brothers versus Brothers confrontation. We appreciate as a step in this direction that the repeal of one of these laws has been announced in the hope that this concrete step will open a sincere and constructive dialogue on a national agenda “, says part of the message of the bishops, read by Monsignor Giovani Arana.

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They also believe that “the time has come to deliver on government promises by really listening to segments of the population, especially those affected.”

“What we will invest in listening to and recognizing the other will help us make joint efforts that will allow us to develop a Bolivian identity that unites regions, cultures and people,” he added.

For his part, the President of the Episcopal Conference, Aurelio Pessoa, stated that “there has to be an open, honest and clean dialogue so that all the Bolivian people win, not just some parties or groups. And I think if these brothers stay in Santa Cruz they will in the situation they are in, I believe there should also be signs of the availability of both parties “.

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The message of the bishops also called for the fight against “the submission of violent groups to parks, protected areas, parish and private areas”. In addition, there are reproachful acts of violence, outrages against minors and women, which go as far as feminicide, abandonment and child abuse.


The new leadership of the Bolivian Bishops ‘Conference was elected at the Bolivian Bishops’ Assembly in the Casa Cardenal Maurer in the Archdiocese of Cochabamba. It is presided over by Msgr. Aurelio Pessoa as President of the Conference, Msgr. Ricardo Centellas as Vice-President and Msgr. Giovani Arana as General Secretary.


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